Planting Design for Private Clients

Professional planting design tailored to your outdoor space

If you are looking to plant up a newly created area in your garden, or for a more comprehensive planting scheme to overhaul an existing space, do get in touch. Perhaps you are thinking of installing a wildlife pond and would like a planting design to incorporate the pond with its surrounding area, or you would like to create a kitchen garden with both a productive and ornamental planting scheme? Or maybe you have inherited an established garden that has lost its way over the years, and you are looking to update and refresh the planting.

Hiring a planting designer with a focus on soft landscaping might be all you need to help with a project, rather than hiring a garden designer for a full redesign of your space.

For larger gardens, I am also happy to work alongside your existing gardening team to help edit and curate existing beds. This could involve surveying and creating a scaled drawing of the relevant areas, and identifying and labelling those plants to be retained before undertaking any editing and additional planting. This also provides you with a working document which can be used as a basis for garden aftercare schemes going forward.